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Reflection and Journaling

Here at State of Mind, we strive to provide teens the most meaningful and useful mental health resources. Therefore, to reach a good a state of mind, we have created original content that hopefully will help teens learn the importance of reflection and journaling.

For this topic, we have created a simple journal page for daily use, a more complex journal page to go into greater depth, a year in pixels graph to keep track of each day, and an article by our Chief of Activity Resources about her journaling experience. Journaling helps relieve your mind of stress and work through your own thoughts.

Bullet Journal

The Value of Journaling and Reflection

By Sarah Frank


Without question, my most prized possession is my treasure chest of journals. I painted it my favorite color and fill it with my favorite memories. Of course, I journal the happy things, the exciting moments, the things I want to remember, but I journal the bad things too. It’s therapeutic, like I’m releasing my thoughts into the universe. I’m free, weights are lifted from my shoulders.


It’s a great feeling looking back on all the hard times and seeing progress. Looking back on rough moments and seeing I got through them reminds me I can get through more in the future. It reminds me life is meant to be up and down, like a rollercoaster.


Looking back on the journals in the chest also reminds me of the temporary nature of moments, memories, and emotions. Happiness only lasts a certain amount of time, but the same can be said for sadness. Reading about the good memories makes them last and delivers some happiness to me in the present. Reading about hard times reminds me I made it through.


My journals hold all my observations and perceptions of the world around me—namely, of the people around me. They hold my forgiveness, my wonderment, my kindness and curiosity. They hold the things I notice about others, the things I have learned from them, and ways they have inspired me. My journals capture my whole life for me to look back on someday. 


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We have curated 2 beautiful resources for you!

  1. Daily Journal Entries: Keep your thoughts beautifully organized

  2. Simple Year Long Tracker:  See how your year was by logging a simple color daily

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