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Throughout this series, I am going to be teaching you everything from the basics to more advanced material. I will be covering tuning, strumming, chords, tab, and more. If you don’t know what some of those are, it’s okay! I’ll teach you that too! 


Working Out

Working out has numerous benefits. As a beginner, you can start healthy habits and slowly work up to an intermediate plan. You can use your workouts to release stress and things on your mind. A workout a week as a beginner can help calm your nerves building up the whole week. If you play a sport... 


Look around you, does the sky have an especially beautiful shade of blue on display today or does your neighbor's dog look particularly cute? Inspiration is all around you!



This isn’t really a baking recipe, but it’ll help you get used to using a mixer and getting the hang of things! This coffee has become popular and was even trending a few months ago as the official “quarantine drink.” Learn how to make the easiest and best dalgona coffee right here, right now!



Ball handling is an important aspect of basketball and it's crucial to know the proper way to do it. Here are a ton of drills to help you get comfortable with a basketball in your hands.



The most obvious reason to keep a journal is that it is a record of your memories from the past. You can write down daily events, thoughts, feelings, or opinions on certain experiences. Journals have uses outside of simply tracking everyday occurrences. You can document stories, jokes... 

English Japanese Dictionary

Learning Languages

When we are immersed in language, we are subconsciously exposed to the cultural nuances associated with that language. For example, the word “blue”, which to native speakers means a spectrum of blue-like hues, naturally separates into two different “blues” in Russian. This effect has been studied at the collegiate linguistic level-

sewing blanket


When getting started sewing, it can be frustrating to deal with a machine that won’t work correctly or understanding the different knobs and their meanings. In this short guide, I will show you the basic components to your sewing machine and how to troubleshoot issues involving them. 

Image by Mike Tinnion

Creative Writing

The best place to start is with a character. Your main character has to be relatable, believable, and dimensional. Here are some activities, worksheets, and tips to help you get started...

Dancing with Music


The best thing about dance, is that it's for everyone! It is enjoyable to watch, and especially enjoyable to do. If you enjoy dancing, you should do it, whether you train professionally or not. Even just..

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