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State of Mind emerged from a single zoom call with complete strangers. We were all participating in the Brown Summer Pre-College Program, each taking a different course, but we then all met over the Social Innovation Competition Zoom call that Brown was hosting.


At this competition, the participants were split into randomly assigned groups, where we were tasked with brainstorming a solution to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while implementing design thinking skills.


Our group chose the “Good Health and Well Being” goal, and our proposed solution was to create a website that would be a hub of resources for teens in this trying time of Covid-19. We proposed our idea to a panel of judges, and our group won 2nd place.


It could have ended there, but we all got in contact and decided to make this dream a reality. From there, we met on numerous Zoom calls to get the project in motion. State of Mind started growing rapidly, and is now on its way to becoming everything that we ever wanted it to be.

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