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The best place to start is with a character. Your main character has to be relatable, believable, and dimensional. Here are some activities, worksheets, and tips to help you get started:

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Hi! My name is Sarah Frank and I’m one of the founders of State of Mind. I’m also a teen author of two novels: One Chance and Two Secrets. Throughout the writing and publishing process, I’ve learned a thing or two about writing.



Once you have your characters created (and once you really understand them), it’s time for a plot! Plot-making and world-building can be a little difficult but lots of fun.


One of the problems many writers face is they spend a long time planning a story but, when they start writing it, fall out of love. To avoid this, follow these lessons:



Once you have characters and a plot to put them in, it’s time to think about all the other aspects of writing. This includes pacing, poetic language, etc. Here are some tips, tricks, and activities to help you plan, pace, evaluate, and move forward:

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