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Getting Proper Sleep

Benefits of Sleep

Watch this short video to understand why sleep is so important for us and what can happen if you don't get enough sleep. 

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It's definitely easier said than done. If you know you need to get sleep, but you're still having a hard time falling asleep, try listening to either one of the sleep podcasts or one of the YouTube sleep music playlists listed below. 


This is an ongoing live YouTube link that plays meditative music and can help get into a deep sleep faster.

If you'd prefer to listen to soft songs with lyrics that you are familiar with, check out this playlist! There are tons of other ones out there, so this one is just an idea. If you find one you enjoy more, then that's great too!


Click here to open a link from AARP with recommended podcasts to listen to in order to have an easier time falling asleep. There are a wide variety of podcasts available, ranging from ones with stories read in a soothing voice to ones with sleep-inducing music.


Click on the arrow to the right to visit a page with meditative techniques for better sleep


Click on this arrow for more general tips for what do when you can't sleep

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